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Home School

Consulting and Teaching

Research shows that Homeschooled students often stand out in highly competitive admissions and have an edge in both Ivy League admissions and similar elite schools. Creating a strong high school curriculum and showing mindful success is important. With this in mind, I can offer practical advice to ensure an individualized curriculum that will also demonstrate intellectual curiosity. If needed, attention will be given to customized testing to show proficiency and ability. Suggestions for individualized plans, online platforms, or local resources are discussed as well as the connection to college applications.

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Educational Consulting

Whether on an IEP, a 504, or just struggling with school, I can listen and offer sound advice. After having multiple roles in a school system, I can offer suggestions, advice, and ways to navigate the system. My philosophy is to empower the student so he or she can be accountable, reflective, and ultimately successful.

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Educational questions or concerns are individually specific. I am a perceptive coach and consultant who has been very successful in helping students and families. I have a genuine understanding of students and the academic world in which they live.

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