College Launch Package


*Freshman Year

Six meetings over the course of the student’s freshman year which includes:

High School course selection, testing options, volunteer work, extracurricular and summer activities, preview application process, and an introduction to a holistic resume. Set a strong foundation!

Comprehensive College Package


*Starting anytime during or after Sophomore Year

A comprehensive approach will reduce stress and anxiety while creating top-notch applications. All materials and correspondences are included. Each year will focus on strengthening the application in an authentic way. An individualized plan will keep the student organized and accountable. The entire process will cover: course suggestions, evaluation, educational values, interests and aspirations, activity resume, college list, SAT/ACT recommendations & options, Subject Tests and AP tests, teacher recommendations & additional recommenders, personal statement and supplemental essays, the Common Application, and any additional applications. General Financial Aid information and support with deferrals & waitlist suggestions are also included.

Senior Rush Package


*For any Senior starting after September 1st

A consolidated and prioritized schedule for your Senior student. Each application will be effectively and competently completed. All parts are included. The process will be efficient and manageable.

15-Hour Package


This condensed package allows for 10 working contact hours and an additional 5 hours of non-contact work.

Hourly Educational or College Consulting


Any questions or concerns will be answered and addressed. Whether the topic is regarding the college process or navigating the school system, a consult meeting can be a resourceful avenue for many.

Comprehensive Package Add-On


Add unlimited meetings and personal consultations through freshman year of college. This will include course selection, time management strategies, how & when to reach out to academic advisors, and how to use the college’s support systems.