Lisa, Parent

It has been so helpful working with Kim. She is a life saver! She knows her material and is so willing to help.

Susan, Parent

Kim broke down the process in small and attainable goals. My son felt organzied and we knew he was in great hands! Kim was a hug help!

Peter, Parent

Kim is exceptionally in touch with the strengths, needs, and limitations of her students!

Emily, Teacher

I get so much done in 1 hour! Kim is awesome!

Matt, Student

My daughter was stressed and overwhelmed by the application process. After Kim's coaching, guidance and support, she actually had fun and ended up at her first-choice school.

Nancy, Parent

Kim helps her students write extensively, engagingly, and thoughtfully in response to essay questions and writing assignments.

Klaus, Teacher

Kim is truly committed to the individual student.

Regina, Teacher

Working with Kim helped me understand the material I was learning and in a way that made sense to me.

Katie, Student

I was so happy when I got into my top-choice college! Kim was a huge hlep!

Lindsay, Student

Even though I only met with Kim a few times, it really helped!

Harry, Student

Kim is a great resource and a huge help when it comes to needing educational consulting.

Rob, Parent