Kim Page 

Founder and Owner

Page by Page College & Educational Consulting

For over 20 years, I have guided and supported students and families through the college application process and the educational system. I have proven myself to be an indispensable consultant. The often-confusing and stressful process of college admissions can be overwhelming. By individualizing the process and offering a comprehensive approach, the process can be easy and enjoyable. Your student will lead the way while being supported the entire time. By building a holistic portfolio and a genuine identity, a distinguished application is created. Incorporating a varied matrix of factors will effectively aid the student's application. I work closely with students to bring out their strengths. The colleges and universities will see the student as an asset to their school.

A comprehensive package will cover the entire application process! Integrating one-to-one meetings, constant communication, and supporting documents, each student will receive the support and resources needed for a holistic and distinguished portfolio. Attention will be given to each part of the application process. Choosing the right high school classes, creating leadership and volunteer opportunities, balancing the student’s activity list, and creating a college list are just a few parts of what is included and what is needed for a strong application. Each high school year offers different challenges and different questions. The comprehensive package covers all requirements and includes a varied matrix of factors that will strengthen the student’s application. The process can start as early as Sophomore Year.

If a student feels they may need help through their freshman year of college, The Ultimate Package can be added to the Comprehensive Package. 

You choose when you want to meet and what you want to talk about. Educational consulting can cover questions and concerns regarding the college application process or general academic coaching. The college comprehensive package may not fit your need, so hourly consults may be more flexible for you. Schedule a consultation, get your questions answered, and be on your way!

Get professional help from someone who knows what college admission counselors are looking for. Showcase yourself through your writing! Choosing a topic can often be arduous, but proven to be very important in creating an intellectually strong personal statement. Brainstorming, drafting, writing, and proofreading can be done in person or remotely. Complete your essays with one-to-one support. Show admissions you are reflective and academically proficient.


For those looking for homeschool curriculum, guidance, or academic support & tutoring, starting with an hour consultant is advised. I have created curriculum for multiple grade and academic levels and am familiar with different homeschooling options. Suggestions for individualized plans, online platforms, or local resources are discussed as well as the connection to college applications.