While the college application packages are created to ensure success and completion of the application process, personalized packages are available. I am committed to proficiently and competently helping your student. I take pride in my ability to connect with students and families. While I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to an Educational Consultant or a College Admission Consultant, I am confident in my ability to bring out unique personalities and help deliver an application that is authentic, expressive, and distinguished.

Essay Writing

The Common Application essay and supplemental essays can help showcase who you are! While being true to yourself and authentic in your writing, I can help incorporate and answer the questions the Admission Counselors are looking for. The essay is one part where you have total control - make it stand out and give the Admission Counselors reasons to accept you! Ideas, drafting, and writing can all be done in person or through google docs. Create from the comfort of your own home, while getting support and guidance. 

Senior Year

In order to complete the entire college application process, a comprehensive calendar will keep you and your student organized. A list of schools will be decided, and applications, recommendations, transcript requests, activity resume, contact with schools, and all deadlines will be effectively met.

This package will cover up to twelve schools.

Ultimate Package

Add unlimited meetings, email correspondence or phone consultations to the Junior-Senior Year Package or to the Senior Rush Package. This ultimate package will support the student through their first semester of college.

Sophomore Year

Meeting during the Sophomore year will encompass the organization and beginning support of the college process. Evaluation, educational values, interests, and aspirations will be assessed. In addition, the focus will be on High School course selection, testing recommendations, summer opportunities and initiating a holistic college resume.

Junior-Senior Year

This package covers all of the Junior-Year and Senior-Year hours at a discounted price. Over the course of the two years, the student will process all college application parts seamlessly and create distinguished applications. You must sign-up for this package during the student's Junior Year.

Personalized and Hourly Consulting

Sometimes all you need is occasional guidance. Get your questions answered or get hourly support navigating the college application process. In-person meetings or phone consultations can be scheduled as needed.

Junior Year

During Junior year, organization and initial support of the College Application Process are essential. Evaluation of the student as well as educational values, interests, and aspirations will be discussed. A comprehensive calendar will be followed covering all aspects needed for a distinguished and holistic college resume, including testing recommendations, teacher recommendations, activities, and an initial college list. 

Senior Year Rush

The College Process cannot be delayed any longer! If you have a High School Senior who has not started the application process and is feeling overwhelmed, no need to worry! This RUSH package will effectively and competently get the student on track! It is a consolidated schedule for Seniors only. All aspects will be addressed, and applications will be submitted on time. An individualized approach will be taken to ensure a successful and advantageous college application process. 



A Private Constant Contact

If the packages don’t fit your budget or needs, but you still need guidance, consider the private constant contact option. Emails will be sent outlining what needs to be done at each step of the way. Suggestions, articles, and resources will be included. Your student will feel supported and have essential information to create strong and distinguished applications.​