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While the comprehensive package is created to ensure success and completion of the application process, personalized packages can be designed. I am committed to proficiently and competently helping students. I take pride in my ability to connect with students and families. While I know there are many choices when it comes to an Educational Consultant or a College Admissions Coach, I am confident in my ability to facilitate a valuable and advantageous portfolio. I will help customize and deliver an application that is authentic, expressive and distinguished.

Student Writing

Essay Writing

The personal statement and supplemental essays can showcase who you are! While being true to yourself and authentic in your writing, I can help incorporate and answer the questions the Admission Committee are looking for. The essay is one part where you have total control - make it stand out and give Admissions reasons to accept you! Ideas, drafting, and writing can all be done in person or remotely. The personal essay starts with the topic and ends with a message of personal reflection and growth. The supplemental essays are often specific to each school and require a different approach. Evidence shows the essays are an important part of the application and a way to show proficiency and intellectual curiosity.

On the Top

Gold Standard Package

Unlimited meetings and communication through freshman year of college. Study skills, time management, class choices, and using the school’s support systems will be addressed. Many college students realize the advisors do not spend as much time helping as one would expect. Time spent choosing classes and focusing on classes required for graduation often allow for a double major and at the very least a positive college experience.

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*One price starting as early as Sophomore Year

The comprehensive package is a guided process that can start as early as Sophomore Year. Evaluation, educational values, activities, class choices, testing recommendations (SAT/ACT and AP classes), and ways to make your portfolio stronger will be addressed. A comprehensive calendar will be followed and much of the process will be initiated: a college list, the activities list, a resume, the personal and supplemental essays,  recommendations, college visits, interviews, and much more. There are many nuances and beneficial extensions that will be incorporated in order to strengthen the student’s chances for admittance. Each student’s path is different, so individualized attention will be given to the needs and the requirements for each student and each college. All applications will be completed and submitted on time. And most importantly the family relationship will be strengthened and the student will feel good about their work!


Personalized and Hourly Consulting

Sometimes all you need is occasional guidance. Come with questions or concerns and leave feeling educated and motivated. Whether you need help navigating parts of the college application process or you have questions about how to get started, in-person or remote consultations can be scheduled as needed.

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Senior Year Rush

The College Process cannot be delayed any longer! If you have a High School Senior who has not started the application process and is feeling overwhelmed, no need to worry! This RUSH package will effectively and competently get the student on track. It is a consolidated schedule for Seniors only. All aspects of the application process will be addressed and applications will be submitted on time. An individualized approach will be taken to ensure a successful and advantageous college application process. This package is for any Senior starting after September 1st.

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